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This e-book contains 50+ pages of ideas on working with the ancient Greek god of wine and ecstasy to start receiving divine inspiration and improve your creativity. 

It includes:

→ Everything you need to know about Dionysos
→ Instructions to create an invocation ritual
→ Art techniques
→ Correspondences
→ And more

Get ready for sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll with the ancient Greeks!


About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah Hakkenberg. I’m a witch, artist and yoga teacher currently living in southeastern France. My mission is to discover how we can use yoga and magic to find divine inspiration.

When I was younger I used to drink, smoke and do drugs and generally be a dark person. But I also was inspired all the time and wrote songs, poetry and created art. Part of me delighted in my misery. The intrigue of unhappy loves, the self-obsession of the hangover, the creative madness, it was exhilarating. (Cue ‘I’m Only Happy When it Rains’ by Garbage.)

Obviously, if you keep up that kind of life for too long, it doesn’t agree with you. After I discovered yoga, my health habits and mood improved immensely. I felt more at peace. However, my inspiration slowly declined, leaving me another kind of miserable. Lost, I spend my time doing menial jobs and trying to be creative. From age fifteen, my dream had always been to become a pop musician. It didn’t work out.

However, I had an older dream as well; something I had always felt was a little bit silly. Inspired by the excellent youth novels of Monica Furlong, I wanted to be a witch. In these books, being a witch first and foremost means having a holistic awareness of the world. The spells, rituals and herbs are secondary.

This kind of training of the consciousness is not readily available (or reputable) in the Western tradition, but it definitely is in the Eastern tradition. That’s why I chose to train as a yoga teacher with a school that makes philosophy a big part of the curriculum. I also started reading witchcraft and magic books, took Carolyn Elliott’s course on practical magic and joined a coven.

So you could say I’m a witch and yogi finding her way back to the spontaneous inspiration that flowed through me when I was a wild child of rock ‘n roll. I write about it on this website.